Tips for An Efficient House Move

Planning is everything when it comes to moving home. Most people do not move homes very often so we obviously overlook tasks that are important. It is very useful to have a practical checklist to complete these important moving tasks. Everyone knows that moving house is stressful. There is so much to organise and remember, that many people end up leaving their packing to the last minute. This is only going to cause you more stress before and after your move, as you will forget where things are.

  • Reserve your removalists as early as you can

    Quality removalists are often booked months, or weeks, in advance. Booking the transfer will ensure your belongings will be picked up on time.
  • Move all your important papers too

    This means your dental, medical, college, veterinarian and fiscal documents. Contained are birth certificates, insurance policies, and records. Check all safety deposit boxes, so that the info will be immediately and readily available, and try producing digital copies of documents that are important.
  • Start packing early

    The earlier you start, the sooner you will complete. Nonetheless, it’s ideal to begin with things you rarely use. So they’ll be safe and secure. Make sure to pack antiques and collectables first.
  • Dispose of all waste

    Make sure that gas and oil is drained out of any device which has an engine. Including chainsaws, lawnmowers, weed trimmers, motorcycles, jet skis, and motors.
  • Get rid of any food leftovers

    This includes the items in your freezer, pantry and refrigerator. Limit supermarket shopping before the move. Before you depart, think about giving away all extra food.
  • Return borrowed items and cancel any regular services

    All of your virtual subscriptions such as cable and internet television have to be cancelled. Bear in mind, you will still cover these services whether they are used by you or not till they’re cancelled.
  • Create a moving day kit

    This moving day kit should include prescriptions, keys, telephone chargers, extra cash, toiletries, bank cards, resources, a first aid kit, credit/ debit cards and your smartphone.
  • Cancel utilities

    Verify that all of your utility services in your old home (including phone, electricity, water, gas, etc ) are all cancelled.
  • Double-Check

    Have a friend or relative double check your place after you leave to make certain that the doors are secured, utilities are shut off and nothing is left behind. You’ve got little opportunity to verify your old house yourself particularly if you’re moving interstate.
  • Setup and check new utilities

    make sure that the power, internet, pay TV, phone lines, gas and water are turned on at your new location before you depart. This way you won’t wind up camping out in your if something does happen to go wrong.
  • Check your smartphone

    Make sure once you arrive, your smartphone will work at your house — just order a pizza. You may want to call to get a utility link. Appropriate planning can make moving much simpler.

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